With DESIGN CHECK, you can get assistance in:

  • Placement of existing/newly purchased furniture

  • Choosing scale of new purchases 

  • Placement/scale of the following accent pieces: lighting, furniture and area rug(s).

You will also receive a 2D rendering of your room with placement and spatial instructions.


  • Step 1: Make your purchase via PayPal using the buttons below.

  • Step 2: Measure your room and prepare for questionnaire. 

  • Step 3: Complete the online questionnaire below.

  • Step 4: The Repurposed Home will deliver your 2-D Architectural drawing by email to you.

2-D Architectural Drawing
up to 320 sq. ft. $199

2-D Architectural Drawing
321 sq. ft up to 500 sq. ft. $259

beautiful, purposeful, effective interior design

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